Plan Outline 

The following overview is intended to explain a little about the materials and skills available under our Support & Resolve Plan. Please contact us to arrange a free confidential and no-commitment exploratory discussion to see whether our packages might work for you. 

1:1 mentoring and support under this plan is delivered in the format(s) which suit participants and include video-link, phone/WhatsApp and email. Mediation experience is also delivered on our safe, user-friendly internet platforms. 


Mediation Mentor Concept

Mediation Principles



Mediator Suitability

Regulatory Matters

Mediation Formats

1:1 In-Person Attendance

Video Link (MS Teams, Zoom)

Phone & WhatsApp

On-Line Mediation Platform

On-Line Mediation Messaging Platform


Mediation Skills

Passive & Active Listening

Questioning, Reframing & Summarising

Getting Beyond an Impasse

Managing a 'One Issue Agenda'

Overcoming 'Blocks'

Converting a Negative into a Positive


Role-Reversal Techniques

Handling Confrontation

Reality Testing

Dealing with the 'Eleventh Hour Add-On'

Handling the 'Last Dance' (attempts to renegotiate)

Bridging the Gap Techniques

Closure Process

Mediation System

  • Mediation & Employment Law

  • Mediation & Internal Procedures

  • Neutrality

  • Privileged Communications

  • The Mediation Case File

  • Handling employee reps including lawyers and unions

Mediation Culture

Self-Discipline in avoiding the tendency to advise

Leaving the Safety of Formal Processes

Not taking notes at the time

Not disclosing anything said afterwards

Starting the Process

  • Identify the Issues

  • Identify the paperwork needed

  • Identify the participants needed

  • Consider any reasonable process adjustments required

  • Consider pre-mediation meetings to obtain any clarification needed, to explain and discuss the process, to explore the outcomes sought, to discuss the mediation format and timeframe, etc

  • Prepare the Mediation Referral Agreement

  • Discuss and Agree all other pre-mediation Matters