Specialist mediation and neutrality practice based in the UK headed up by Keith Davis, an accredited mediator who is assisted by associates who are experts in their profession.

Tel: +44 (0)1202 287418. Email: keith@neutralityatwork.co.uk

Our Services

Commercial Mediation

I am an experienced business and commercial mediator specialising in the early resolution of disputes in trading relationships, on Boards of Directors and between shareholders.

I have mediated such issues in the UK, US, EU and the Middle East.

Employment Mediation

I mediate employment issues in the UK including grievances and disputes arising from discussions about performance, attendance, capability, redundancy & re-orgs, and trust & confidence.

I also conduct neutral independent grievance and disciplinary investigations

Support & Resolve

My 1:1 mentoring service to HR and senior managers is designed to enhance their negotiating and problem-solving abilities - and their overall management confidence.

The wider objective is to show them how to bring early closure save time & effort, and avoid otherwise protracted processes.

Keith Davis, Neutrality at Work International Limited

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