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Fact-Finding Investigations

We can conduct a neutral and independent fact-finding investigation into issues including -

  • grievances

  • complaints regarding equality, diversity or inclusion

  • harassment

  • bullying

  • working-relationship issues

  • trust & confidence breakdowns

Our fact-finding investigations are necessarily on the record.

However, our investigation style is 'business-informal' and every possible respect will be shown to all participants.

We can conduct an investigation by -

  • in-person meetings

  • Zoom or Teams

  • e-mail (subject to security safeguards).

If requested, we can issue a 'preliminary report' which merely sets out all the accounts gathered but without any finding or opinion on the part of the neutral investigator. This enables all concerned to know one another's position in the matter. It also offers them to decide whether to -

  • refer the issues to mediation or

  • request the investigator to issue a 'final report'



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