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Internal Mediation Mentor

Our unique scheme is intended to empower HR and/or senior managers to informally resolve issues and concerns often within days as an alternative to their more formal conventional procedures. 

We show how mediations can be conducted safely and confidentially.



As part of our mentoring, we show how to prepare a customised 'Mediation Plan' and provide a 'Guide to Internal Mediation' which can be issued to all employees concerned.


We can also provide -

  • a specimen Mediation Policy

  • Pre-Mediation Checklists

  • a standard Referral to Mediation Agreement

Our Skills Mentoring can include -

  • passive & actual listening

  • reframing

  • asking all the correct questions correctly

  • professional summarising

  • handling an impasse

  • dealing with a 'one-issue' agenda

  • overcoming blocks

  • enhanced negotiating strategies



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