The Neutral Chair

This service is useful where enhanced and visible objectivity is required. Our Keith Davis can be tasked with the responsibility for managing a grievance or disciplinary process as a neutral independent by way of an add-on to an employer's regular internal procedures for handling such matters - provided that all participants consent. Our processes comply with employment law in UK jurisdictions and with ACAS codes of practice.

However, Keith will NOT decide the outcome. This will fall to the employer's manager concerned who, of course, must be present throughout.

After all the consents needed have been obtained, we will work with participants to identify the material issues and determine which are agreed and which are disputed. It may be necessary for some disputed issues to be investigated.

Our practice is to invite participants to prepare a written account of their position in the matter and to send us a copy of any supporting document(s) which can be sent to all participants in advance of the date of a formal meeting.

Participants can be accompanied if they wish by any one companion of their choice who may take full part in the discussion. Keith will take notes. Other participants may do the same BUT no other form of recording the discussion is permitted. 

We can always discuss the role of witnesses if required.


Our formal meetings can be held with some or all participants attending in person or on MS Teams or Zoom. Of course, reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure that everyone concerned may participate on an equal footing.