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Welcome to Neutrality at Work

for when neutrality matters

We provide informal processes to resolve issues and concerns at work quickly, confidentially on a 'without prejudice' basis as an alternative to the usual business procedures for handling issues of concern to the employer, employee or both.  


We achieve this objective through mediation and other collaborative  processes which seek to avoid the need for adversarial positioning and seemingly endless claims and counter-claims leading in the direction of litigation.


We balance the requirements of an employer's business with the personal needs of all involved.


We regard all as equal partners working together towards an outcome which they can feel able to accept.

Our processes are based on integrity and mutual respect even where the circumstances appear to be challenging.

Our Services

Our Services

Fact-Finding Investigations

Having had no part in the issues to date, we are able to investigate the material facts together with any underlying causes entirely from an independent external neutral perspective.

We are respectful and as informal as we can be with fairness, objectivity and providing for the welfare of all concerned being our focus.

We will take notes at all investigation meetings and send a copy to the participant concerned for their verification.

Facilitated Processes

We can facilitate many internal meetings and hearings as a neutral support available to all.

Our remit is limited to the process itself ensuring that it is patently fair. This often includes -

  • receiving and preparing the accounts and evidence

  • arranging and, if agreed, conducting the session

  • being an advocate for fairness and not for any of those concerned 

Employment Mediation

We mediate the resolution of grievances and other concerns at work including those relating to 

  • performance

  • capability

  • conduct

  • working relationships

  • trust & confidence

  • severance

  • employment tribunal cases

Our mediations are voluntary and always off the record, confidential and on a 'without prejudice' basis.

The Grievance App

For those who want to raise a grievance, respond to one and have the entire process conducted without the need for in-person meetings

Tell it to a Neutral 

Just invite a concerned employee to talk off-the- record in confidence with an external neutral and take matters from there.

Assisted Neutrality

Our unique scheme to empower HR and senior managers to mediate an issue internally which is fair and effective.

Our Cookies Policy

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The sole reason why we use cookies is to gather statistics about the approximate geographical location of our users for strategic markting purposes.

Cookies are regarded as personal data and, as such, users are protected by law. We use personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice. 

More information?

If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you please contact us today. We offer free consultations and evaluations to help you determine the best course of action for your organisation.

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